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Chrysoprase Sphere- 2 Inch

Chrysoprase Sphere- 2 Inch

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Beautiful Chrysoprase sphere that measure 2 inches in diameter. The color is a calming green. The inner layers and white and brown colors are still visible.  You will receive a sphere similar in size and color as the ones pictured. 

This variety was sourced from Indonesia. It is apple-green chalcedony that derives its color from nickel. Its hardness and striking color make it a popular gemstone for jewelry as well as carvings.

Chrysoprase can aid in fertility and is a strong detoxifying stone. It eliminates waste from the body, as well as the mind, by stimulating the liver and encouraging the body to rid itself of poisons. It is excellent for relaxation and promoting a peaceful night's sleep, reducing claustrophobia and preventing nightmares.

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