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Dragons Teeth Amethyst Points

Dragons Teeth Amethyst Points

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Amethyst crystal point, also known as Dragons Teeth . They measure approximately 2". Your stone will be similar to the sphere in the picture and it will be intuitively picked for you. If you have a specific request or attribute message or comment.

Amethyst first became known as a crystal to protect against drinking and addiction when Greeks used Amethyst beakers to drink wine our of.

The mythology of Amethyst comes from the drunken god Dionysus set his tigers on the young Amethysta, and then, realizing what he had done, turned her into a giant clear Quartz crystal. His tears of remorse stained the clear Quartz purple, creating Amethyst.

* Known as the all healer
* Stimulates creativity
* Helps battle addiction
* Enhances psychic abilities
* Helps to manage fear and anger
* Calms anxiety and sadness

Chakra: Third Eye
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