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Keepers Korner Top Crystal Picks - 12 Assorted Tumbled Stones

Keepers Korner Top Crystal Picks - 12 Assorted Tumbled Stones

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We have selected 12 of our favorite new tumbled crystals in a set that includes a cotton bag/pouch for and a Selenite stick to keep them cleansed and charged.  Each one of these stones are larger than most tumbled as they measure at least 1 inch tall and wide.  Please review the list below and photos.  Your stones will be similar in size and color and intuitively choose.

Tumbled Collection Set:

Sunstone – Leadership, warmth, and abundance

Red Goldstone – Calm, revitalizing energy, confidence

Amazonite – Soothes trauma, harmony, balance

Serpentine – Luck, protects from negative energy, personal strength

Opalite – Self-worth, calm, balance, nurturing

Sodalite – Wisdom, creativity, communication, helps with fear

Smoky Quartz – Grounding, dispels nightmares, alleviates grief, protection

Moonstone – Increases intuition, empathy, dream work, inner peace

Tiger’s Eye – Protection and grounding, promotes trust, courage, confidence

Carnelian – Best life choices, creativity, banishes negativity and anger

Labradorite – Mental sharpness, inspires originality, scientific analysis, focus

Lavendar Quartz – Strengths the heart, spiritual growth, emotional healing

Selenite Wand – Cleaning and charging crystals, luck and good fortune

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