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Wire Wrapped Aragonite Star Cluster

Wire Wrapped Aragonite Star Cluster

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The Aragonite raw star clusters measure approximately 1 inch and are light red/brownish in color.  They are wrapped with copper wire.  These clusters are perfect to display as a specimen piece or as wire wrapped jewelry. 

Aragonite has the same chemical composition as Calcite, but it crystalizes in a different way. It was named after the Spanish province and River of Aragon in the 18th century. It comes in a variety of forms known as star clusters or Sputnick cluster.  It is sometimes referred to as Cave Calcite. The crystals come in red, white, blue and brown and can be found in Spain, Pakistan, Madagascar, Canada and Peru. 

Aragonite Meaning and Properties: Aragonite inspires the release of all negative energies like stress, tension, anger, anxiety, and fear. It radiates positive energy in every direction. Aragonite is very powerful but soothing at the same time. It is a good choice for meditation because it is calming and energizing. It can also aid with self-healing and emotional growth. Aragonite is connected to the Element of Earth and can help you feel more attached to Mother Earth. It is filled with powerful energy and creates a sense of well-being and calm. Aragonite helps to ground and center you, and stimulates the Root Chakra.

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